$47.00 CAD

This one's for you Mama. Happy birthday!

Growing up, I always remembered my mom always smelling like her favourite perfume. She rarely spent money on herself, but when she did, it would be a perfume + lotion set.

To celebrate her, I wanted to create a candle scent that symbolizes the two of us. So I recreated Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for my mom, mixed with a hint of baby powder for myself.

To make it even more special, my talented friend Em (@em.esquivel) hand made these precious vessels that turns into a mug after your candle has burned out. You can also use it as a small vase, or whatever your heart desires! We're just so happy to work on something together that will live in your homes for a long, long time.

Scent by myself
Ceramic vessel by Em Esquivel
Wax by Ask Scents
Photos by Candice Linkie

-Limited quantities; hand numbered
-Each vessel is unique with different clays and different colours; some with PF charms, some don't. We will be randomly choosing them from the box when we fulfill your order! No dibs will be accepted :)